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My name is Lindsay Nohl and I am an illustrator and arts advocate.
I am selling custom listings for artwork to help offset the cost of massive medical bills for my kitty, Oliver. He was diagnosed with a series of sarcomas in his lungs and we are doing whatever we can to help him fight his cancer. He is a tough boy and has a fighting chance, and I appreciate any help at all. I have created a series of custom listings in the hopes that I can trade you some fantastic artwork in exchange for your help.

This listing is for a custom repeating pattern. I have been involved in making patterns for printed fabrics, online backgrounds, and on paper for years and I love making them. One of my most recent projects was called 101florals.blogspot.com where I did a new floral pattern each week. A couple years ago I also was part of a project called Daily Pattern (which you can find more examples of the work I do on our tumblr: paperbicyclecreative.tumblr.com). Each pattern was created with a different topic in mind.

If you are interested in having a custom pattern created, I have several options of varying complexity below that you can choose from. I'll send you a web-ready version for you to use on your tumblr, twitter, or for any other web purpose. I also have an option for a high resolution fancy pattern, which you could use for printing fabrics, or paper.

If you are interested, just purchase the complexity you're interested in and then send me a note and let me know the details and I'll be happy to create one for you! You are able to choose the icons of your choice - so please send me a note with what you would like to see in your pattern, and the colors you'd like.

Since I am taking custom orders, I am doing each piece on a first come, first served basis. I'll try my best to do these as quickly as I am able. Once the artwork is created I will send you an email containing your digital file, which should be able to be used immediately!

If you are getting a custom pattern and would like a, 8 x 10 framable print, It would be an additional $15 and would be printed on archival paper and ink, and come in a poly bag and in a rigid mailer.
Send me an email and I can follow up with you regarding this option.

Thanks so much for considering helping us.
I am extremely thankful.

Lindsay Nohl (and Oliver, my cat)
Questions or to send specifics, contact me at lindsay@paperbicycle.com